Wooga's newest Facebook game whisks players away to a Magic Land

Magic Land on FacebookHow ... original, guys. Wooga, the Berlin, Germany-based creator of Diamond Dash and Monster World, has announced Magic Land, its brand new Facebook role-playing game (RPG). The game offers a mix of RPG-style adventuring and city (or kingdom) building a' la CityVille. Players will build their kingdom with various houses, farm land and decorations, and much like traditional city-builders the former must be supplied with food harvested from farm plots while decorations increase payouts for houses.

The real adventures come with the fact that King Artie's (your guide and lord of the realm, so to speak) children have been kidnapped by a giant green dragon. Eventually, it will be your mission to rescue them, though you must build your kingdom first and protect it from the slew of trolls and other beasts that threaten its people. Players can choose from a male or female adventurer, each equipped with a wooden sword, though the customization appears to stop there.

Of course, players can visit their friends' kingdoms and provide bonuses, though Wooga teases that some "never-before-seen social interaction" to the game in later updates. The game is available now in seven languages, and an HTML5 extension of the game--known as Magic Land - Island--will be released to smartphones. So far, Wooga certainly lives up to the "Magic Land" name, because as of right now the game loads and runs, well, magically.

Magic Land in action

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