Pioneer Trail Pecan and Turkey Hunting Collections: Finish them in Beaver Valley


With the launch of the Pioneer Trail (and the removal of the FrontierVille name), Zynga has also released a series of new collections that offer tons of equally new prizes, based on activities you'll partake in during your trek to Fort Courage on the Pioneer Trail. To start, you'll take off to Beaver Valley, where your two main collections will be the Pecan Collection and Turkey Hunting Collection.

First, the Pecan Collection is completed, you guessed it, by harvesting Pecan Trees. These grow abundantly in Beaver Valley, and you'll be required to harvest plenty of them for the section's many, many missions. As you go, you'll run into the following items:

  • Pecan Bark

  • Candied Pecans

  • Pecan Pie

  • Pecan Pralines

  • Trout with Pecans

One thing to note here is the Candied Pecans item in particular. This is required in bulk for one of the missions in Beaver Valley, so you might reconsider turning in this collection until you've passed that point as to not "waste" a Candied Pecan that you'll need later. Of course, that's all up to you. For trading in this collection, the prize is actually a bit lackluster, if you ask me: 3,000 coins. I don't know about you, but I would have much preferred Trail Points, or even an exclusive decoration.

As for the Turkey Hunting Collection, this one (in theory) will likely be more difficult to complete. You'll be able to bring out Turkeys only at random, and only when completing tasks in Beaver Valley with your Hunter. If you're finishing tasks with your Carpenter or Doctor (or even with your own avatar), Turkeys won't appear, lessening your chances to shoot them. Furthermore, you're not even guaranteed to receive a collectible item with each Turkey you shoot, so don't feel bad if it takes you a while to finish this one off. Here's what you're looking for:

  • Giant Turkey Leg

  • Turkey Feather

  • Wing Bone Whistle

  • Turkey Stew

  • Turkey Jerky

Again, these items are only earned through hunting Turkeys out on the Pioneer Trail, and not through harvesting Turkeys back on your Homestead (there's a separate collection for that). Still, with enough perseverance (and enough hunting), you'll be able to finally turn this one in, and will receive 50 Prize Tickets for your efforts.

To be especially clear, these aren't the only collections you'll be able to complete while venturing through Beaver Valley or the Pioneer Trail at large, but they do seem to be the two largest collections you'll come across. Either way, just keep an eye out for any unusual looking item as you play the game, as you never know what kind of goodies will appear now!

Are you going to work quickly to finish each Pioneer Trail collection, or will you simply play casually, and complete them as they come? Sound off in the comments.