LEGO Universe goes free-to-play; remember to give the kids a try, too

LEGO UniverseWe know your inner child can't resist, but try to remember your outer children, kay? The LEGO Group has finally made a nice chunk of LEGO Universe, the MMO (massively multiplayer online game) created by NetDevil, free to play. The game is going the way of Facebook games and the legion of MMOs before it to make bank a few extra bucks. However, fans who want to get in on the action for free will be relegated to the new Free to Play Zone, an area blocked off from the rest of the game.

But don't think this form of digital plastic segregation means you'll be lesser than those willing to put up 10 bucks a month (which The LEGO Group points out you can upgrade to at any time). Free players will be granted access to two adventure zones to romp through, a player property area to build new LEGO creations in and the chance to participate in mini games and face the ominous-sounding Spider Queen. Well, as ominous as plastic toys can get.

Just like in your favorite Facebook games, free players can visit their friends' property areas and see what they've created. The LEGO Group says in a statement, "If you haven't played LEGO Universe yet, now is the time!" Obvious marketing speak or not, it's pretty tough to disagree with free. LEGO Universe is available for free digital download only right here. If you can't sate your inner 12-year-old long enough for your real 12-year-old to play, you might want to install this baby on two machines.

LEGO Universe gameplay

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Have you tried LEGO Universe already? If so, what did you think? If not, is free enough to reel you in? Even if all the above are stupid questions, share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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