FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Tips: Where did my friends go?

FrontierVille Pioneer Trail
FrontierVille Pioneer Trail

FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail, or better known now as simply Pioneer Trail, has plenty of you confused over just what happened to your friends when you made the transition to the new game. Have your old friends who haven't come over yet been left behind? What about while you're on the trail--can you interact with friends other than those you hired?

A lot of headlines we've seen circulating the web have made claims that this new game limits the amount of friends you can play with, and that's simply not the case. (At least it won't be once all of your friends join the new app.) So, here's a breakdown of exactly how The Pioneer Trail has and will affect your friendships in the game.

On the Pioneer Trail:
Embarking on the Pioneer Trail allows players to make better use out of their most dedicated and reliable friends. Each time you play through the Pioneer Trail maps to Fort Courage, you're strongly encouraged to choose three friends to fill the roles of Hunter, Carpenter and Doctor during your travels. While this does increase your maximum Rations (the Energy-like resource on the Pioneer Trail), it's also up to your friends to visit you on the Trail to refill your Rations and do you general or specific favors.

My Jobs
My Jobs

When you're elected as part of a friend's trail team, you can (and should) do the same. Visiting a friend on the Trail is much like visiting a friend's homestead--you're given five free actions to partake in. However, after you've completed those favors, you can choose the reward you're given from your Trail Boss, or the player whom you're visiting, from Meat to Prize Tickets. (Visiting friends also refills your Rations a bit.)

You can visit your friends on the Trail through the "My Jobs" button below the "Travel" button three times daily, though you can only help them every few hours. However, you can fill a role in several friends' teams. For instance, you can be the Hunter in both Bobby Sue's Trail team and Billy Joe's Trail team, but you can only fill one role per team.

Off the Pioneer Trail:
Many players are reporting that they've yet to see their friends appear in their Neighbor Bars on the homestead. This is because those friends have yet to make the transition to the Pioneer Trail app. Because the game is a brand new app, Pioneer Trail will only recognize your friends who have come over to the new app.

At this point, Zynga seems to have made it so players do not have a choice but enter the new Pioneer Trail game, so it's only a matter of time before all of your friends will be on board. Once your friends make the transition, it should be possible again for you to visit those friends and vise versa. Speaking of which...

Pioneer Trail Crew Jobs
Pioneer Trail Crew Jobs

Visiting Friends:
To be clear, you can only visit your friends on the Pioneer Trail with whom you have a role in their team. This is done by pressing the "My Jobs" button beneath the "Travel" button. (The more roles you take on for friends, the more friends you can visit on their Trails.) To visit your friends' homesteads like normal, just click on their portraits like you usually do--however this can only be done while you're on your own homestead.

So, The Pioneer Trail does not limit the friends you can play with, as long as they too have installed the new game. Again: You can only visit friends on their homesteads from your own homestead. You can visit your friends on the Trail at any time from the "My Jobs" button, but only those with which you have roles.

Invite Friends Pioneer Trail
Invite Friends Pioneer Trail

A Known Issue:

This is probably the most confusing aspect of the new game thus far. When requesting friends to become members of your Trail team, or even just to send friends Gifts in general, the list of friends that appears does not differentiate your Pioneer Trail friends from your friends in other games or otherwise. (You can send friends Gifts regardless of whether you're a part of their Trail team.)

For instance, when you want to add friends to your new Trail team, the menu for adding friends doesn't just show those who have installed the Pioneer Trail, but all of your Facebook friends. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon, as this is what's looking to cause the most confusion overall.

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