Pioneer Trail Bring Back Some Souvenirs Mission: Everything you need to know


No, that isn't a typo - a new mission has launched in FrontierVille, but technically, the game isn't called FrontierVille anymore. While we all train ourselves to call the game the Pioneer Trail from now on, how about we complete a mission on our Homesteads that deals with the gameplay on the trail itself?

The new mission is called "Bring Back the Souvenirs," and it essentially asks you to earn a whole slew of Prize Tickets by completing missions on the Pioneer Trail, and then use those tickets to purchase three animals from Bart's Bargains. These three prizes are the Purple Beaver, Skunkadillo, and Snow Chipmunk.

To purchase any of the three, you'll need to first complete the mission in Beaver Valley that has you repairing Bart's wagon for business. You can check out our complete guide to Beaver Valley's missions if you need help. From there, click on Bart's Wagon to enter the "Bart's Bargain" store. The Purple Beaver is unlocked through Beaver Valley missions, while the Snow Chipmunk comes in Avalanche Pass missions. Finally, the Skunkadillo is found in the High Plains section, so feel free to sort through the store accordingly to find your items.

The Purple Beaver is the first animal you'll earn, and it costs just 25 Prize Tickets. By completing most goals in Beaver Valley, you earn at least five tickets, so reaching 25 can actually be done in a single sitting. As for the others, they're unlocked far, far later into the Pioneer Trail, so don't get into a rush about completing this mission anytime soon. If anything, you might set it as a benchmark to reach later, to keep you going when times get tough.

Back on the Homestead, once you've finished this mission, you'll receive three fairly hefty prizes (according to FrontierVille Legend): a Dying Tree (a dead stump of sorts with a vulture on top), 5,000 XP and 5,000 coins. There doesn't appear to be any time limit for how long you have to complete this mission, so feel free to take your time over in the Pioneer Trail and eventually the spoils will be yours!

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Do you like longer missions like these, that force you to complete many other gameplay features before completing them? Which of these three animals are you most looking forward to purchasing? Let us know in the comments.