Pioneer Trail Beaver Valley Missions: Everything you need to know

So, you've left the safety of your Homestead in FrontierVille, and have moved off to the Pioneer Trail. You might be wondering what's waiting ahead of you in this grand new expansion (or, in fact, entirely new game), and the short answer to that thought is: a lot. To start, the entire game has been renamed to "Pioneer Trail." That's right - FrontierVille doesn't exist anymore, as even attempting to load the old app automatically redirects you to the new game.

The first place you'll head after landing in the Pioneer Trail (that is, if you care to leave your perfectly safe homestead at all) will be Beaver Valley. Beaver Valley serves as the introductory leg of your journey to Fort Courage, which sees you learning all about Rations, your trail companions, Trail Points, Hunting and so on. We'll try to make this learning curve as simple as possible by detailing each of the missions (apparently Zynga has tired of the word "Goals") available within the entirety of Beaver Valley in our guide below. Let's get started!

Actually, let's detail a few ground rules first. Your new Pioneer Trail crew (that is, the crew that's found only when you're actually exploring the trail, and not when back on the homestead) consists of your own avatar, your Carpenter, Doctor and Hunter. These positions will be filled by Hank, Doc and Bess by default, but you can hire your own friends to help you for bonuses if you'd like. You'll need to hire friends that are incredibly active to make the most out of these bonuses, however. That being said, when controlling Bess, Hank and Doc, you'll be able to ask them to complete tasks just as you would your own avatar. Click on a rock or piece of grass and they will perform it just as your own avatar would. The significance here is that each character can find their own bonuses when completing tasks. Your Hunter can bring out Turkeys (and other animals), which can be shot for Meat (not the same thing as Food), while the Doctor can find Medicine. Finally, the Carpenter can find Toolboxes with Parts you'll need later on.

In addition, the order in which you complete many of the Beaver Valley's missions will be different than our own guide here (unless you follow along step-by-step, that is), as some missions won't even be available until you manually start them at your own leisure. Keep that in mind if you don't see a mission being available in your own game yet. Either way, we'll list the missions in the order that we know they're available to begin.

Phew, now that that's out of the way, let's really get into this, shall we?

Shovel Trouble Hurts Yer Travel!

  • Scavenge one Toolbox (with your Carpenter)

  • Using your Carpenter, clear three Plains Grass

Kidnappers have taken nine-year-old Ezekial Cobb, and this first step into Beaver Valley will help you begin your search to find him. Just like on the homestead, Beaver Valley is full of debris, coming in the form of items like Plains Grass, Rocks and Wild Lupine (among others), and you'll need to clear three Plains Grasses after clicking on your Carpenter (Hank by default) to activate them beforehand. For finishing this first task, you'll earn 30 Trail Points, a Ration Refill (Rations are your Energy Points on the trail, and you start with a maximum capacity of just 10), and 5 Prize Tickets.

Make Sure Yer First Aid Ain't the Worst Aid!

  • Gather one Doctor's Bag with your Doctor

  • With your Doctor, Harvest Four Pecan Trees

Just as simply as you completed the first mission, for this one you'll need to simply switch your active character to the Doctor and then click on enough Pecan Trees to either reach four total or continue until you receive a Doctor's Bag as a random bonus item. Clicking on these bonus items (including Turkeys and Toolboxes) doesn't cost Rations, so don't worry if it takes you your entire supply before you finally receive one; you can open it right then and there. Finish this mission and you'll earn 30 Trail Points, another Ration Refill and 5 more Prize Tickets.

Get a Turkey in Yer Tummy!

  • Shoot one Turkey with your Hunter

  • With your Hunter, Chop Trees five times

Simply click on Bess (your default Hunter) to make her active and chop at trees until you reach five, or have finally pulled out a Turkey. They seem to appear fairly quickly, so blast it and finish this one off. You'll receive 30 Trail Points, a Ration Refill and 5 Prize Tickets.

From here, you'll receive a cutscene introducing you to Trader Bart, whose wagon has seen better days. You'll then see an overall Map Goals mission icon appear on top of the mission symbolized by Bart's head. This "Map Goals" mission is your overall mission for Beaver Valley, and you'll only complete it after completing (practically) the entirety of Beaver Valley itself. What's this mean in the short term? Ignore it and move on to helping Bart!

Travails of a Travelin' Trader

  • Shoot one Turkey with your Hunter

  • Gather one Doctor's Bag with your Doctor

  • Using your own character, clear five Cattails

Cattails are a new debris found near the water in Beaver Valley. Finishing this mission gives you 60 Trail Points, a Ration Refill and 25 Prize Tickets.

After this, you're greeted with more cutscenes with Trader Bart, and you can either continue on with the somewhat linear story progression, or start looking for bonus missions. Assuming you're after all of the goodies possible, we'll detail a few of the game's first bonus missions next.

Bonus Mission: Case of the Curious Torticoon

  • Collect 5 Wild Berries from your Friends

  • Have 10 Meat (this will be consumed)

  • Have 10 Medicine (this will also be consumed)

As these missions are voluntary, they tend to offer better prizes, but are also more difficult in the process. To start this mission, look out for the Torticoon (a raccoon stuck inside a turtle shell) at the top of your map, with a blue exclamation mark over its head. You'll be able to post a general news item for your wall, asking for the Wild Berries, while your Doctor and Hunter can take care of gathering the Meat and Medicine. Finish this first bonus mission, and you'll earn 450 Trail Points, 100 XP and 20 Prize Tickets (I told you the prizes were better for such missions).

Bonus Mission: Blackberry Pickin'

  • Clear 8 Blackberry Bushes with your Doctor

  • Clear 8 Plains Grass with your own character

  • Clear 8 Wild Lupine with your Doctor

This mission is started by finding a Blackberry Bush with another blue exclamation mark over it. You'll find this one towards the center of the map. Finishing it gives you 750 Trail Points, 100 XP and 30 Prize Tickets. Even if you choose to put off doing both of these Bonus Missions until a later time, you'll need to at least find and start them for your next story-centric mission, so keep that in mind.

Movin' Down the Trail

  • Using your own character, Harvest five Pecan Trees

  • Find and Start Two Hidden (Bonus) Missions

  • Using your Carpenter, Scavange Two Toolboxes

Again, you'll need to at least start the two Bonus Missions above to quickly complete this mission (apparently, Hidden and Bonus Missions are the same thing), but you don't actually have to finish them before finishing this Mission itself. Once you do finish off this mission, though, you'll earn 60 Trail Points and Ration Refill and 5 Prize Tickets.

Blazin' Campfire

  • Using your Doctor, Clear two Plains Grass

  • Collect Two Hickory Firewood

  • Using your own character, Clear Two Rocks

Hickory Firewood comes from chopping down Hickory Trees, which are found abundantly in Beaver Valley, so just whack away at some trees if you haven't earned the two you need by random already. This would also be a good time to mention that you are allowed to have more than one character working at once, so feel free to queue the two Grasses with your Doctor and immediately put your own character to work without waiting. Finish this mission and you'll earn 130 Trail Points, 100 XP and 5 Prize Tickets.

Campsite Comforts

  • Have 5 Meat in your Wagon

  • Clear 10 Plains Grass with your Hunter

  • Clear 5 Rocks with your Hunter

Clearly, this entire mission is about the Hunter, as you'll even need to use him/her to hunt the Turkeys for meat. Once you finish it off, and you'll earn 130 Trail Points, 100 XP and 5 Prize Tickets.

Pitching a Tent

  • Tend Three Animals

  • Finish one Hidden Mission

  • Collect five friends to help you complete your Tent Stitchin'

You might have noticed that along with your crew of workers, you've also brought an Ox, Goat and Pig along with you. Simply tend those (when they're hungry) and you'll complete that task. As for the Tent Stitchin', you'll gather your five friends through a general news item posted to your wall.

From here, we'll take some help from Zynga as to what to expect next (by this point, if you've completed everything in a single sitting, you've likely run out of Rations for the time being).

Bonus Mission: Purdy, Purdy Pignuts

  • Collect 3 Smoky Charcoal

  • Chop Hickory Trees 10 Times with your Carpenter

  • Have 6 Meat in your Wagon

Dysentery Danger

  • Have 5 Medicine in your Wagon

  • Harvest 7 Blackberries with your Doctor

  • Harvest 7 Pecan Trees with your Doctor

By this point, you might be a bit tired of completing the same series of steps over and over again, just in different missions, but remember - this entire Beaver Valley section has been more about easing you into the new gameplay setup, and things will (we assume) become more complicated as time goes on.

Fixin' Up Your Wagon

  • Collect 5 Hickory Wood

  • Finish 3 Hidden Missions

  • Have an Upgraded Wagon

In order to help you travel across the trail, you'll need to upgrade your Wagon to hold more items. This first upgrade can be started by clicking on your Wagon and clicking on the Upgrade button. Similar to building any item on the Homestead, this upgrade requires building materials - six to be exact: two each of Heavy Ropes, Axle Grease, Iron Bolts, Treated Hardwood, Oiled Canvas and Wagon Schematics - and you'll earn these ingredients by asking your friends to send them to you.

Bonus Mission: Missin' Home

  • Clear 15 Wild Lupine

  • Chop 15 Hickory Trees

  • Harvest 20 Pecan Trees with your Carpenter

While we're not told exactly who needs to complete these first two tasks, we can only assume that it means "your own character." Until we know for sure, I'd suggest simply clearing one Wild Lupine with each character until you find one that counts and then move from there.

Bonus Mission: Who Wants Pie?

  • Collect 3 Candied Pecans

  • Harvest 20 Pecan Trees with your own character

  • Have 10 Parts in your Wagon

Candied Pecans are a new item in the Pecan tree collection, and while you might already have them by now (let's face it, you've already harvested a ton of Pecan trees by this point), you can continue to let the trees grow and re-harvest if you need some more.

Bonus Mission: Lost Lil' Bucky

  • Collect 15 Tender Tree Barks

  • Have 12 Medicine in your Wagon

  • Have 12 Meat in your Wagon

Who Wants Gumbo Stew?

  • Have 10 Meat in your Wagon

  • Collect 15 Nettles

  • Ask friends for 15 Bottles of Dr. Firemeister's Hot Sauce

With this mission, you'll likely be stalled for some time, even if only due to the fact that you'll need to wait for your friends to send your Hot Sauce. Still, this gives you time to perform other tasks around Beaver Valley, like stocking up on extra Meat since you'll lose 10 at the end of this mission.

We're almost at the end of Beaver Valley now, so hang in there!

Showdown at Beaver Bridge

  • Fix the Bridge

  • Chop down 5 Hickory Trees

  • Clear 10 Plains Grass with your Doctor

Apparently, you'll only need to click on the Bridge with either your own character or one of your crew-mates to fix it. Meanwhile, make sure to notice the specific wording of the Hickory Tree task: you'll need to chop trees down entirely, rather than simply complete a specific number of swings with the ax.

Bonus Mission: Cajun Crawdad Boil

  • Harvest 12 Crawdad Traps

  • Clear 10 Debris

  • Chop Trees 15 Times with your Carpenter

If you look downstream in Beaver Valley, you may not see any Crawdad Traps before this mission, but as with others, you'll need to complete steps with your own avatar to trigger the launch of the "blue exclamation point items" on your game screen. From there, just complete these tasks as normal and you'll finally have completed every mission in Beaver Valley!

From here, you'll be ready to jump right into the High Plains, and we'll make sure to bring you a detailed looked at the missions you'll hit there as soon as we can.

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How far have you been able to travel so far in Beaver Valley? What do you think of the heavily repetitive nature of these first missions? Is the Pioneer Trail everything you've hoped it would be? Sound off in the comments.