FarmVille Raffle Booth (8/15/11): Flowered Horse and Flowered Green Ram back on the ticket


Did you miss out on the Flowered Horse and Green Flowered Ram from the very first week of the FarmVille Raffle Booth prize drawings? You're in luck! Both of these items have come back around in this third installment of the game, but of course, the odds are still stacked against you.

For this installment of the game, you have a chance to win some around-the-farm tools, along with the two prizes mentioned above. Here's a full rundown, along with each item's odds (you know, those numbers that guarantee most of us won't walk away with a Flowered Horse):

Special Delivery Box - 1:5
Fertilize All - 1:20
Love Potion - 1:100
Ram (Flowered Green) - 1:500
Flowered Horse - 1:2000

While you winding up as that one ticket out of 2,000 that earns the Flowered Horse certainly isn't impossible, I would advise against getting your hopes up, just in case you walk away empty handed (or worse, with a Special Delivery Box containing a part or other item you don't need). Still, with Raffle Tickets being free to send amongst friends, you don't really have anything to lose! Why not try your hand at this week's drawing? You might get lucky! (If you do, share some of it with me, will ya?)

Did you win the Flowered Horse or Ram from the Raffle Booth in its first week, or are you hoping to earn them this time around? Have you ever won anything from the Raffle Booth, even if it isn't the top prize? Let us know in the comments.

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