FarmVille Mystery Game (08/14/2011): Fairy themed animals will fly into your heart


If the Fairy Garden theme of items in the FarmVille marketplace isn't enough to tickle your imagination, and you also happen to have quite a bit of Farm Cash lying around (just begging to be spent), you'll be happy to know that Zynga has updated the Mystery Game this evening with a new set of fairy-themed animals.

The Mystery Game costs 22 Farm Cash to play this week, and comes with the following items up for grabs:

Fairy Deer
Fairy Rabbit
Mini Pegasus
Mini Unicorn
White Dragon

If you're lucky enough / willing to earn all six of these items before the game's week is up, you'll also win a seventh bonus prize for free: the Fairy Dog. Remember though - this bonus prize is like all of the others; it will only be around for a week. You'll need to shell out quite a few Farm Cash (even if you're lucky enough to win these six items quickly) to earn it, but if you do, you'll have bragging rights for quite a while, I can assure you.

Will you play this week's Mystery Game for fairy-themed animals? Which of the six are you most excited to win? Will you go for the Fairy Dog in this game? Sound off in the comments.