FarmVille Fairy Garden Trees: Bell Flower and Big Bell Flower Trees


Continuing in FarmVille's Fairy Garden theme are two new trees that have been released this evening. The trees are the Bell Flower Tree and Big Bell Flower Tree, with this "big" version simply being a "Giant" tree, but with a different name. Unfortunately, these two trees come with the higher price tags that we've seen a lot of lately: 7 Farm Cash for the original (normal) Bell Flower Tree and 15 Farm Cash for the Big Bell Flower Tree.

Now, I've said it once, but I'll say it again - please farmers, don't feel the need to purchase this Big Bell Flower Tree, even if you want one in your collection. Remember, they'll be available through Mystery Seedlings, absolutely free, so there's really no reason to buy them outright unless you simply don't want to wait to earn the Mastery Sign that goes with it.

Speaking of Mastery, both of these trees earn their first star at 75 harvests each, but if you want a chance at the regular Bell Flower Tree's Mastery Sign, you'll need to make sure to splurge on one within the next two weeks. Miss that chance, and they'll expire from the store, perhaps never to be seen from again. Granted, we have seen plenty of items re-released in FarmVille's store over the years, but we'll just go with this assumption for now.

What do you think of the Bell Flower and Big Bell Flower Fairy Garden trees? Will you purchase even the bigger version, or are you just going to pick up the smaller tree for now? Sound off in the comments.