FarmVille Fairy Garden Items: Forest Tree House, Satyr Statue, Tree Bench and more


With tonight's FarmVille update, we see not only a new building being released in the current Fairy Garden limited edition item theme, but also a slew of new decorative items. To be specific, the new building is the Forest Tree House, and it looks just as it is described: as though a family of fairies had built a home into and out of a tree stump and limbs. You can pick one up for your farm for 30 Farm Cash.

If you'd rather purchase strictly decorations, rather than buildings, you can do that too as five new items have been added to the game's store. All of these items have a time limit of two weeks in the store, so shop fast before they expire! Here's the current lineup!

Fairy Waterfall - 20 Farm Cash
Satyr Statue - 30,000 coins
Tree Bench - 5 Farm Cash
Flowery Swing - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Flower - 10,000 coins

As you can see, there are a couple of items here available for coins, and surprisingly enough - they're actually quite pretty (the Satyr Statue and Giant Flower are pictured above). Sure, I would love to see the Tree Bench priced for coins as well, but I suppose I can't really complain since we do have a few coin options (it could've been worse). Again, these items won't be available forever, so keep that in mind as you tend to your farm over the next few days or weeks.

Have you created a fairy garden / wonderland on your farm in FarmVille? What sorts of items would Zynga need to release to convince you to build a home for fairies? Sound off in the comments.