FarmVille Pic of the Day: Brayzdin's farm-eating dragon [Interview]

farmville featured dragon farm brayzdin
farmville featured dragon farm brayzdin

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To help spice up your Monday afternoon, I've got one of the wildest FarmVille designs we've ever had the honor of featuring here on On their farm, FarmVille artist Brayzdin created a fire breathing dragon. But this isn't your ordinary, flat, hay-bale dragon. This dragon is literally on the farm, devouring, clawing, and breathing fire on it.

This dragon, made of various types of trees, is one of the most impressive FarmVille illusions I've ever seen. When I first came across Brayzdin's farm, I almost didn't see the dragon-like beast because it was so massive. Not only is it perfectly shaped, but the stacked trees and layered objects give it a three-dimensional feel. My favorite parts are that creepy lizard tongue and the arm wrapping around that huge mountain.

Here's what farm artist Brayzdin had to say about the masterpiece:

What inspired your creative farm design?
Not much inspiration, just one day I decided to use trees, for my design........and the end result was a big green dragon.............and no arborists!

Do you have any awesome decorating tips to share?
Try your best not to use hay bales.....its too simple. Using for water is OK though.

How long did it take you to complete the design?
Less than two weeks.

What do you think of Brayzden's dragon farm?

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