CityVille Sneak Peek: This Dam might provide mayors with free Energy

CityVille Dam Sneak Peek
CityVille Dam Sneak Peek

Wait a tick, I have more batteries than I count in my inventory, don't you? Anyway, Zynga has hinted at The Dam, a feature that's likely coming soon to CityVille. According to the promotional artwork for the teased feature, this Dam could be quite huge, and will provide players with Energy somehow. But we have a few guesses of our own (of course).

First of all, it's almost certain that this feature will be as big a deal as the Bridge was, especially considering the hype Zynga looks to generate over this with a teaser post on the forums complete with promo artwork. But how's about some more ... wild guesses? (You didn't even have to ask!)

Perhaps we can super-charge unused Batteries through the Dam to make them more worthwhile. Heck, the Dam could even manufacture its very own Batteries for us to use. And if that's the case, I'd expect multiple levels of this new feature, with each level producing more potent Batteries.

Though, since Batteries are so easy to come by these days (at least for me), maybe the Dam will provide with a different kind of Energy. Juice to recharge Community Buildings and Houses for rent collection sounds like a pretty nifty idea to me. As with all sneak peeks, we'll just have to wait and see ... and keep on guessing until then.

[Source and Image: Zynga]

What do you think Zynga will do with a feature like this? More importantly, what do you hope the Dam will become in CityVille? Guess away with us in the comments. Add Comment.