Divide and conquer (literally) in Carcasonne for Android, BlackBerry

Carcassonne originalBoard games are so last decade. And yet, they live on in every touch device we own. Finally, the epic tile-based board game surrounding the medieval French city, Carcassonne, has come to a smartphone near you. Berlin, Germany-based developer exozet games and London-based sister company of Ubisoft and Gameloft, Advanced Mobile Applications, have released the internationally-known board game to Android, BlackBerry and Java-based mobile devices.

Of course, the game has sold millions of passé decorated cardboard planks worldwide, but this is the digital age, people. And surely, the duo expects to sells millions more of the game to Android and BlackBerry users across the globe. Not much has changed from the original game: Five players spread their influence from the city of Carassonne to the surrounding roads, fields, cities and cloisters. Whomever develops the surrounding land best is, of course, the victor.

This mobile version of the game includes all of the content that came with "The River II" expansion for the physical board game (what's that?). Exozet and AMA were also so thorough as to include clever AI opponents for when your friends aren't around, and they'll need to be close by if you want to embark on a five-player journey out from Carcassonne--multiplayer is local only. For the uninitiated, the game also features a tutorial and 12 new challenges to keep your mobile, fickle minds intrigued. Look, board gamers just aren't how they used to be, hence ScrabbleWords with Friends for mobile and Facebook, Risk for Facebook and now, Carcassonne for smartphones.

Carcassonne for mobile games

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