Camelot: The Game leaves Facebook just as quickly as it arrived


Earlier this year (mid-May to be exact), we brought you a detailed look at Starz' new Facebook game based on the Camelot television show. This Facebook game tie-in was appropriately called Camelot: the Game, but just as quickly as it was launched on the service (earlier this summer), it has already been given a stop-date.

Gamezebo reports that Camelot: the Game's 266,000 monthly players are now receiving emails notifying them of the game's closure, which will take place on September 16. While no reason is apparently given in the emails, one can only assume it is due to the fact that the television show was also canceled. As it stands, the game hasn't been officially commented on, on its Facebook page, since late July, and players have now simply been told that they will receive reduced prices on in-game items, should they wish to continue playing the game until its actual closing date, further proving that it is no longer being supported. If players are willing to jump into a new game, they'll also be given a free in-game item in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

While this isn't the first time we've seen a Facebook game come and go, Camelot: the Game has definitely jumped into the pile of shortest lived games. Should any other developments surrounding the game's closure arise, we'll make sure to let you know.

[Final Image Credit: Gamezebo]

Did you actively play Camelot: the Game on Facebook? If not, will you play the game long enough to qualify for your free Spartacus item? Let us know in the comments.