Angry Birds creator might be worth a happy $1.2 billion [Rumor]

Angry Birds plush
Angry Birds plush

The perma-frown on the Angry Birds' faces might finally turn upside down. Bloomberg reports, citing "two people with knowledge of the discussions," that Finnish creator Rovio could be valued at $1.2 billion if talks to receive extra funding go through. The creator of arguably the most popular mobile game, um, ever is in investment talks with a company in the entertainment business. That most vague of statements leaves the possibilities up to ... a couple hundred companies, but industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has narrowed it down to a select few.

Of course, Zynga could be the big spender, especially considering recent rumors. But Pachter goes on to make educated guesses including EA, News Corp. and Disney. "I can see how Disney would take 'Angry Birds' and turn them into a theme-park ride and a movie," Pachter told Bloomberg. "Zynga could take 'Angry Birds' and make it into 'FarmVille.'"

We're going to just ignore that blanket statement regarding FarmVille. As for EA, though, we doubt it's in any position to invest right now considering it just spent an effective $1.3 billion alone on Bejeweled creator PopCap. But Pachter makes a whole lot of sense with his Disney guess, especially since Rovio has made its goals for the Angry Birds franchise crystal clear. And don't forget, Disney has been in the games biz for quite some time before even Facebook games with Playdom.

(A sidenote: Can I just say how surprised I am that Rovio is being valued at just $1.2 billion? When's the last time you mentioned the damned game and someone hadn't heard of it? Sure, Zynga is worth at least $11.5 billion thanks to virtual goods, but I've yet to hear of a FarmVille movie.)

On top of being found on every device out there (even Facebook someday), Rovio works diligently on turning Angry Birds into an internationally-recognized icon much like--dare I say--Mickey Mouse. And Old Big Ears has grown a bit ragged over the years, no? As with all rumors, this is all wild, but educated, speculation. Now all we can do is wait for Rovio to announce a "Steamboat Angry Birds" update somewhere down the line.

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