Game of the Day: Anbot 2

anbot 2 game of the day
Your girl has been kidnapped and you've been thrown in the wrecker. With certain doom closing in on all sides, you don't have a second to lose. Help Anbot escape and rescue his girl.

With perilous obstacles, complicated puzzles, and powerful enemies; saving Anbot's girlfriend will be no easy job. Half point & click adventure, half action game, Anbot 2 is a thrilling mix of careful clicking and explosive action. Make sure to replay Anbot 2 to try and lower your score. The fewer clicks, the better! Can you finish the game in under 300 clicks?

Click here to play Anbot 2!

anbot 2 game of the day anbot 2 game of the day

Pro Tips:
  • In a lot of the scenarios, there is no time limit, so don't be hasty.C
  • arefully scan the screen to find the clickable objects before actually clicking. That way you can keep your click score down.

Click here to play Anbot 2!

How many clicks did it take you to complete Anbot 2?
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