FarmVille: Eight Cows mooove their way back to the farm


Earlier this month, Zynga re-released a set of Horses in FarmVille, giving players a chance to stock up on formerly expired animals in order to use them for new Animal Mastery signs. Now, the selection of exclusive animals has moooved (sorry) to Cows, with eight old Cows once again being available to purchase, but only for a limited time.

Here's a complete list of the cows (one even goes for coins):

  • Gelbvieh Cow - 22 Farm Cash

  • Hereford Cow - 22 Farm Cash

  • Mohawk Cow - 22 Farm Cash

  • Galician Blond Cow - 24 Farm Cash

  • Red Cow - 100,000 coins

  • English Cow - 22 Farm Cash

  • Autumn Cow - 22 Farm Cash

  • Western Longhorn - 20 Farm Cash

All of these Cows will reach their first star of mastery within 7-13 days (the Red Cow takes the longest), and with Cows being available to harvest once each day, they shouldn't take too long to master completely. Either way, it only takes one Cow to earn a Mastery Sign, so make sure to take advantage of these re-releases while you can!

Did you already have all of these cows on your land, or are you purchasing them now specifically to master them? Sound off in the comments.

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