FarmVille: 100% Pattern Inheritance Weekend on now!


Apparently, these 100% pattern inheritance weekends in FarmVille are becoming a regular thing, as we've seen multiple releases of the boost in the past few weeks and months. We're definitely not complaining either way, but we will take a few minutes away from breeding to give you a recap of what this means.

From now until 9:00 PM PDT on Monday, August 15, you'll be able to have a 100% guarantee for pattern inheritance on all Lambs and Piglets bred through either Sheep Breeding or Pig Breeding, respectively. This would be the perfect time to bust out as many Love Potions as you can, to speed up the breeding process (of course, the ultimate goal would be to breed things instantly to free up your stall space for more babies). Even if you don't have enough Bottles to feed these babies, this event is technically all about breeding, not growing.

For example, say you'd like to have some extra sheep with a star pattern. So long as you have a single Ram with stars, you'll be guaranteed to receive star-patterned sheep each and every time you use that Ram to breed during this event. The colors, however, are still "random." Again, this will only be active for a limited time, so you don't want to waste any time - start breeding now to earn as many patterned babies as you can across both of your farms!

Which patterns of Piglets or Lambs will you try to stock up on during this 100% pattern inheritance weekend? Sound off in the comments.