CityVille: International Mystery Crates return with German and Italian favorites


If you've skipped out on playing CityVille over the past few months and weeks, you've missed out on the release of some international goodies from Britain and beyond. To help you catch up, some of the game's German and Italian items have been re-launched in two Mystery Crates, one of which actually goes for coins.

The first crate contains German items and costs 20 City Cash. There are four potential items inside:

  • Outdoor Hall (Business) - Earns 2500 coins per 500 Goods

  • Orange Fachwerk (Home) - 150-250 population; earns 60 coins in rent every hour

  • Pink Fachwerk (Home) - 150-250 population; earns 60 coins every hour

  • Green Fachwerk (Home) - 150-250 population; earns 60 coins every hour

The other crate is the Italian Mystery Crate, and it goes for just 6,000 coins. Then again, the items inside aren't very exciting, all things considered, but hey - the random factor here is kind of fun. Here's a list of possible contents:

  • Alley (Decoration) - 8% bonus payout

  • Alleyway (Decoration) - 6% bonus payout

  • Milan Apartments (Home) - 100-200 population; earns 215 coins per day

  • Tuscan Villa (Home) - 110-220 population; earns 80 coins every two hours

Unfortunately, we don't have a specific time limit to go on with these crates, although we do know they are only available for a "limited time." If you're interested in either, your best bet would be to buy them sooner, rather than later, just in case that limited time turns out to be a shorter time than you'd expect.

Will you purchase either of these International Mystery Crates in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.