LIVE CHAT: The Motley Fool's Thoughts on a Wild Week and Surviving a Crazy Market


The Dow Jones has been up or down at least 4% in in five of the past six trading sessions.

How common is that? We went back and looked. The fall of 2008 came close. The crash of 1987 is right up there. But you really have to go back to 1932 to find anything truly comparable to the volatility we've experienced in the past week. If you survived, congrats. It was one for the record books.

From noon until 5 p.m. ET, Motley Fool advisors, analysts, and writers will be hosting a live chat discussing this wild week, including our favorite opportunities amid all the chaos. Please join us below. Ask a question. Answer someone else's. Share a thought. Tell a story. Community is what makes The Motley Fool great. We're glad you're here.

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