FarmVille Bug Report: Fairy Garden goals suffer plenty of weeds


Brace yourselves, farmers: the FarmVilleFairy Garden goals are incredibly bugged. A bug... in FarmVille?! Shocking, I know (sarcasm), but it's true. In this case, the recently released Fairy Garden goals are filled with not one, not two, and not even three bugs, but four! Luckily, all four have been flagged as known by the FarmVille development team, but here's a complete rundown to double-check just in case you're suffering from something not mentioned here.

  • Harvesting Super Pumpkins does not count for the "Only the Fairy Best" goal

  • Harvesting Chicken Coops does not count for the "In Sprite of Everything" goal

  • Placing a Bird Bath for the "Pixie Best One" goal causes an out of sync notice

  • Unable to ask for friends' help across goals, as friends to not appear on the game's list

To be clear, it's not that your game won't let you harvest your Chicken Coops, or that you aren't allowed to harvest Super Pumpkins; it's that doing these tasks (as examples) do not register within the goals as counting towards your progress at completing them. Unfortunately, there are no known workarounds for these issues at this point, so you'll need to simply wait things out for right now until Zynga can sort through the issues. Again, they have marked them as "known issues" on the game's official forums, so all that's left now is to wait.

Have you been affected by any of these bugs in the Fairy Garden Goals, or are you one of the lucky players that has been able to fly through unscathed? Sound off in the comments.