Employees Clown Around With Clever 'Corporate' Communication

Most companies have "official" signage displayed around the office. You know, signs and posters that follow the corporate style guide for fonts, colors and graphics, according to the marketing department. Every so often, though, employees take messaging matters into their own hands, leading to predictable (and funny) results. Take a look at some of our favorites below, courtesy of FailBlog.

Some employees just don't get the hint that promotions are earned!

job lols - Also The Complaint Department

...but will they wash their own hands, too?

job lols - That's Very Nice of Them!

Well, you read it. Keep scrolling!

job lols - Oops! Crap.

In some parts of the world, they stick to the basics.

She's Working All 24 Hours

Corporate hasn't told us when to close just yet.

work fails - They Close At 1

Just leave the windows down, the mildew smell will go away after a few days.

job lols - Employee Of The Month Is Upstream A Bit

Suggestions will be read in the order they are submitted.

work fails - We Value Your Opinion

At least someone listened to the boss for once.

You Meant Ex-Boss Right?

We have a VIP section of one here.

Angelina Jolie Is Always Welcome

We're guessing their lawyers didn't have much input on this list of cautions.

Also, Flying Darts

Apparently Ms. Black missed her 7 a.m. wakeup call this morning.

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