CityVille gets new tropical items: It's Tiki times two!


Just yesterday, we gave you a complete look at the new tiki-themed decorations and buildings in CityVille, but wait! There's more! The game has been updated again this evening, showing off even more tiki-themed items, including some functional buildings that go for coins (notice I didn't say they were cheap).

Here's the new set of items that are now available:

  • Muana Lani Theater (Community Building) - 80 City Cash - Allows 2,150 extra citizens to live in your town\

  • Nanaue Treehouse (Home) - 55 City Cash - 1010-1990 Population

  • Ku Drive-In (Business) - 300,000 coins - Requires 330 Goods; Earns 1759 coins

  • Song Bird Pet Shop (Business) - 150,000 coins - Requires 320 Goods; Earns 1719 coins

  • Lono Lanes (Decoration) - 20 City Cash - 12% bonus payout

  • Parrot Jungle (Decoration) - 25 City Cash - 14% bonus payout

  • Sand Castle (Decoration) - 10,000 coins - 4% bonus payout

  • Fish Fountain (Decoration) - 10,000 coins - 4% bonus payout

As a special note, the Sand Castle item isn't a fully constructed Sand Castle - it's a set of people building a castle on the beach, with a completely sand footing. That is, placing it on the grass makes it really stand out, so if you haven't expanded out into the beach yet, you might want to do that before purchasing one of these.

Some of these items are limited edition, only being available for four or five days, but items like the Pet Shop and Sand Castle are available for life. With this theme looks like it will turn into something fairly epic in the game, we'll make sure to let you know if more content is launched in the theme in the future.

What do you think of this new set of tiki-themed items? Do you always purchase all of the limited edition items that are available, or does item exclusivity not do anything for you? Sound off in the comments.