CityVille Taro Crop brings the tropics to the farm, but only for Cash


Earlier this week, Zynga launched a tropical tiki theme in CityVille, bringing with it a ton of decorations and home items, along with a risky Mystery Crate. Now, you can even theme your farmland to the tropical setting as a new limited time crop has been added to the game: Taro, to be exact.

Taro, in the real world, is a tropical plant grown frequently in Southeast Asia, but in our game, it will only be available for three days. Each individual square of the crop that you'll plant will cost 5 City Cash, and for that price, you'll instantly have access to 158 Goods; that's right - there's no waiting time as these crops grow instantly. Even though it will only be available to plant for a limited time, Taro can be mastered, with the first star coming after just three harvests. Still, with each square costing 5 City Cash, I'll leave you to think of just how quickly that cash will add up if mastering Taro is your ultimate goal.

Remember, you only have a few days to plant and master Taro, but we still don't know if another limited edition crop will come around after to replace it. If you're trying to stock up on Goods without the wait, do it now, as we don't know when this sort of opportunity will come around again.

Do you like to plant these Instant-Growth crops in CtiyVille? What do you think of the cost to Goods ratio for each square of Taro crops? Sound off in the comments.