CityVille Summer Beach Goals: Everything you need to know


What better way to celebrate summer than by...staying indoors playing CityVille? Alright, so that logic may not actually add up, but if you're in the mood for keeping your city tidy while still having fun this summer, you can now experience a bit of both, as summer beach goals have launched in the game. We won't waste time with extras; let's jump straight into the guide!

Farmer's Tan

  • Get 12 Bottles of Sunscreen

  • Collect from Beach Hut 7 Times

  • Have Sand Castle

The Sand Castle is a decorative item that costs 10,000 coins, while each Beach Hut is a residence that can be purchased for 10,000 coins as well. Also, you don't have to take the extra time (and land space) to build more than one Beach Hut, as you can collect from this same hut time and time again, once every five minutes. Meanwhile, just ask your friends to send you the Sunscreen and you'll finish this goal in no time. Finish this first goal and you'll receive the Surfer Girl decoration as a reward.

A Shore Thing

  • Collect from Taffy Shop 10 times

  • Send 20 Tour Buses to a Sunglasses Store

  • Ask for 20 Snorkels

With this one, you'll need to have at least one Taffy Shop in your town, which costs 14,000 coins to purchase. Sunglasses Stores have been available in the game from the beginning, so hopefully you'll be able to find enough in your friends' towns (even if you have to send buses to the same stores day after day) to eventually finish this one. For doing so, you'll unlock the Coral Reef item in the store, which is a decoration with a 9% bonus payout to surrounding items.

Tourist Trapper

  • Supply 5 Cruise Ships

  • Harvest 40 Cabbage

  • Send 30 Tour Buses to Cinemas

This one is fairly self-explanatory: Cruise Ships take 300 Goods to supply, while Cabbage takes more than a day to grow. At the very least, you'll need to visit at least six friends to complete the Cinemas task, but if you have a friend that has franchised out a Cinema, you may have an easier time of it. Just keep chugging along, and you'll finish things eventually. For doing so, you'll earn 2800 coins.

Pool Pigeon

  • Get 15 Pigeon Bathing Suits

  • Collect from Jet Ski Shop 5 times

  • Have 1 Fish Fountain

The Fish Fountain is a new decoration that's available for 10,000 coins. Meanwhile, the Jet Ski Shop costs 9,000 coins and takes 140 Goods to supply. Once again, you'll need to ask your friends for the pigeon bathing suits to finish this one off. You'll unlock the Marina for finishing this goal. The Marina is a new community building that costs 60,000 coins, and will allow you to house up to 1400 extra citizens in your town.
According to CityVille Goals, this is the end of this goal series, and we can confirm that Zynga hasn't officially announced any others (yet). If the goal series increases in length, or other beach themed items are added to the game, we'll make sure to let you know.

[Via CityVille Goals]

What do you think of these summer/beach goals in CityVille? Do you have a growing summer-themed area in your town, either around or away from the beach? Sound off in the comments.