5 Journalism Jobs Of The Future

Any veteran of print journalism knows there are jobs that just don't exist anymore in the digital era. Typesetters are merely one example, but there are others that may soon be on their way out as the publishing industry continues to evolve.

But, as SustainableJournalism.org points out, there are reasons to hope that new technology will continue to create new and interesting media jobs. Not the least of those is that the good folks at Google, who view preserving good journalism as way to ensure the search-engine giant has interesting content to link to.

There's also consumers' ever-growing demand for unique, high quality content and steady flow of fresh information, which will drive the need for professional journalists to organize world events into engaging narratives.

With that in mind, SustainableJournalism recently compiled "11 Journalism Jobs You May Hold In The Future." Along with such roles as social media strategist, multimedia reporter and blogger -- which are already mainstays of many news organizations -- here are five others:

1. Social Media Reporter/Aggregator.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are creating their own useful content that can enhance reporting of breaking news events. News organizations will need staff on hand who can discern what's merely noise and what's useful information worthy of further reporting.

2. Data Detective.

The digital era has made computing and spewing numbers an easy proposition, but it takes a professional to know how to make sense of the data and provide context for readers. Using data to tell a story is at the heart of this Knight Journalism Fellowship video.

3. Explanatory Journalist.

As more information becomes available and stories become more complex, there's a growing need for journalism professionals to take a step back and help answer questions left unanswered within news stories. SustainableJournalism suggests this post on memeburn.org which further explains the issue.

4. Slideshow Specialist.

One advantage that digital media offers over print is the ability to provide numerous photos that can help in storytelling. But it takes people with an eye for both photos and words to create a complete package -- a slideshow -- that can engage and enlighten readers.

5. E-Book Creator.

As Apple iPads and other e-readers become increasingly popular, there will be need for greater numbers of people to create online media that consumers are willing to pay for.

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