Star Wars Next Sequel? Pacific Island Coins

The down on its luck Pacific island state of Niue, a former tourist hotspot, is hoping the force will be strong enough for its latest money making endeavor: a set of coins depicting Luke Skywalker that will be marketed to nerds abroad.

Niue, which locals refer to simply as "the Rock," sits in warm water about 1,550 miles northeast of New Zealand and has seen much of its population disappear since the mid-60s. The population of the island, a little more than 1,200 people, voted to make the Star Wars legal tender in order to raise money for their government.

The coins, which will show a Star Wars character on one side and the Queen of England on the other, will be worth NZ$2, but made of NZ$117.25 worth of silver, meaning that if you're looking for practical tender, these aren't the coins you're looking for.

"You wouldn't want to go and spend them because they're only worth $2, but the value is much more than that," Chris Kirkness of the New Zealand Mint told the Australian Associated Press.

Instead, the coins will be sold, starting next week, at the American Numismatic (coin collector) Association show in Chicago, in Millenium Falcon shaped boxes that make the lightspeed sound when opened.

This is not Niue's first venture into the collectibles market. Following the royal wedding in the spring, the state released Prince William and Kate Middleton stamps. The stamps attracted some unwanted controversy because tearing down the perforated line split the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The island is also looking at new ways to attract tourists, investing in tourism websites and hoping visitors will be willing to make the trek out into the Pacific to swim with dolphins and relax on beautiful white sand beaches, presumably while wearing metal bikinis.

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