FarmVille Fairy Garden Goals: Everything you need to know


After releasing the Fairy Garden items in FarmVille earlier this week, Zynga has announced the launch of a new set of Fairy Garden Goals to go along with them. Fairies are apparently hiding on your farm, and you'll need to complete a set of six goals to bring them out (don't worry - the rewards are definitely worth it)! You've only got two weeks to complete these goals, so let's jump right into the guide - there's no time to waste!

Fairy Nice to Meet You

  • Get 6 Toadstools

  • Harvest 50 Flower Crops

  • Harvest 10 Sheep

Luckily, it doesn't seem to matter which type of flower you harvest, so take the time to plant something you've yet to harvest and you'll make progress on two things in one step! Finish this goal and you'll earn 50 XP, 2,500 coins and a Fairy Sheep.

Any Fae You Want It

  • Get 6 Oak Acorns

  • Harvest 50 Toadstools

  • Harvest 1 Fairy Sheep

The Toadstools come in red or purple, but the purple version requires a Farm Cash permit to plant. As for the acorns (just as with the toadstools above), you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you. Completing this goal gives you another fun item - the Fairy Godmother Gnome - in addition to 50 XP and 2,500 coins.

Only the Fairy Best

  • Get 6 Storybooks

  • Harvest 50 Pumpkins

  • Harvest 50 Fruit Crops

Again, it doesn't matter which kind of fruit you plant, so plant something with a shorter harvest time if you'd like to finish this one off quickly. Either way, when you finally do finish it, you'll earn the Rose Under Glass decoration that's clearly inspired by Beauty and the Beast (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a reaction from the Disney/Playdom camp), 50 XP and another 2,500 coins.

In Sprite of Everything

  • Get 8 Thimbles

  • Buy 1 Bird House

  • Harvest 2 Chicken Coops

The Chicken Coop task should count on both of your farms, so (in theory) just travel between your two farms and harvest both Chicken Coops to save time. The Bird House, meanwhile, can be purchased from the store for 500 coins. Finish this goal and you'll earn 50 XP, a Blue Dragon, and 2,500 coins.

Pixie Best One

  • Get 10 Fairy Wands

  • Harvest 50 Golden Poppies

  • Buy 1 Bird Bath

Golden Poppies take an entire day to grow, so hopefully that gives you plenty of time to collect the 10 Fairy Wands from friends without falling behind. For pushing through in this goal, you'll receive 50 XP, a Fairy Castle and another 2,500 coins.

To the Fairy End

  • Get 12 Magical Butterflies

  • Harvest 50 Peppermint

  • Harvest 10 Pigs

While you will have to ask for 12 items from friends to finish this one off, you'll be able to rest happy knowing that this is the last set of items you'll need to ask for (at least for this goal series). For finishing off the series, you'll receive another 50 XP and 2,500 coins, along with a Fairy Pond surrounded by flowers and rocks.

As an extra reminder, these goals won't be around forever, so make sure to finish them as quickly as you can within the next two weeks to receive all of these lovely goodies before they vanish! You'll make sure to thank yourself for doing so!

What do you think of the goals in this Fairy Garden series? Are the rewards worth the time the goals will take to complete? Sound off in the comments.