FarmVille Fairy Garden Crops: Colorful Toadstools come in red and purple


Two new crops have been released this evening in the FarmVille Fairy Garden theme that has also just been launched. These two crops are the Red Toadstools and Purple Toadstools, but planting them isn't as easy as just saying so, as one requires a special permit.

The Red Toadstool comes without complications, and costs just 50 coins per square to plant. You'll earn 105 coins per square after harvesting it eight hours later. The Red Toadstool offers 1 XP per square planted. While that's self-explanatory, the Purple Toadstool is an entire different story, as you'll need to first purchase a seven-day permit for 5 Farm Cash in order to plant it. While that's a fairly cheap price, there's no other explanation aside from "greed" that explains why this particular crop costs Farm Cash, but then again, the same can be said for every Farm Cash item in the game.

If you go through with purchasing the permit, you'll be able to earn 3 XP per square planted, and will earn 200 coins after harvesting the Purple Toadstool 12 hours after planting. That's a big experience point earner, if you're keeping score, and remember - if you love collecting Mastery signs, you'll need to pull the trigger on purchasing this week-long permit either way. It's only 5 Farm Cash, so at least it won't break your entire budget.

Both of these crops will be available in the store for the next month. In terms of the Purple Toadstool, that means you'll be able to purchase the permit for the next month, but you'll still only have access to planting for a single week from the date of purchase (just to be clear). Good luck mastering both in time!

Will you purchase the Purple Toadstool Farm Cash permit? Sound off in the comments.