FarmVille Fairy Garden Animals: Vineyard Horse comes back around


With tonight's FarmVIlle update, we see a bit of scandal erupting on the barnyard. With the new Fairy Garden theme, we actually see the re-release of the Vineyard Horse which was formerly available in a Vineyard-themed Mystery Game. The horse costs 30 Farm Cash to simply purchase one outright, so if you spent more than that in the Mystery Game to earn one before, I can definitely see a justification in contacting Customer Service about a potential refund (since this re-release happened so quickly).

Either way, two other animals have been released in the theme, although one isn't marked, so watch out! You can buy a Mini Purple Unicorn for 35 Farm Cash (it won't produce a foal), or a new Fairy Horse, complete with wings, for 26 Farm Cash... and yes, that one will produce a Fairy Foal. The Fairy Horse's first star of mastery comes at just two harvests, while the Mini Purple Unicorn won't hit its first star until 19 harvests. While the Mini Purple Unicorn isn't specifically marked as a part of the Fairy Garden theme, it does come with the same limited edition time limit as the others: two weeks from this writing.

All we can say for now is that if you're going to contact Zynga about the Vineyard Horse issue, make sure to do so sooner, rather than later, to have the best chance of convincing them to refund your Farm Cash. Good luck!

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Did you spend dozens (or even hundreds) of Farm Cash to earn a Vineyard Horse during their original release? Will you purchase this new unicorn? Let us know in the comments.

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