FarmVille English Countryside Goals to disappear Aug. 31, Zynga says

FarmVille English Countryside Map
FarmVille English Countryside Map

Consider this your fair warning, I guess. Zynga just announced through its FarmVille fan page that the storyline Goals for the English Countryside expansion will be going away this Aug. 31. Forever. While the developer gives no explanation as to why this is happening, here is the full message:

"Tip of the Day: The quests for FarmVille's English Countryside will be going away on August 31st! Be sure to complete them all and unlock the ability to transfer items between farms! Don't fret! Your English farm's not going anywhere, just the quests!"

We have no idea why this is happening (perhaps the Goals are an unnecessary strain on the company's servers), but either way your time to get acquainted with the English Countryside's laundry list of quirky characters has been given an expiration date. But, more importantly, the days you have left to achieve the ultimate reward from this expansion, the Storage Transfer feature, are certainly numbered. In fact, you have just 20 days left to acquire the useful ability.

Yes, we know that the English Countryside just released a few months ago, and yes, we know that the Storage Transfer Goals were released a little over a month ago. But hey, we're just the messengers--take up your complaints with customer support. But don't waste too much time on the horn, as there are Goals to be completed!

Why do you think Zynga is removing the storyline Goals from FarmVille English Countryside? If you've yet to finish the Goals, do you think you can complete them in time? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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