Empires & Allies Cheats & Tips: Rename your Empire in a flash

While Zynga's Empires & Allies has always allowed us to name our Empires upon starting the game, we've received plenty of questions from players that wanted to change the name of their Empires, but weren't sure how to do so. Truth be told, we weren't even allowed to rename our empires until just this week, but while we mentioned this new option in passing when bringing you a look at the new Quest Manager, here's a complete look at actually changing your Empire's name.

First, you'll know that this renaming feature has rolled around to you when you hover over your Empire's name and it highlights in gold.

Click on your Empire's name and a new window will appear where you'll have the ability to enter a new name for your Empire, up to 23 characters in length. If you change your mind and choose not to rename your city, just leave the name as-is and hit Save (or Save and Share if you want to share some free goodies with your friends). If you do decide to change your Empire's name, make sure you have the spelling and capitalization the way you want and hit Save to see the name officially change in your game.

Altogether, it seems like Zynga has simply triggered the re-launch of the first naming window from the very beginning of gameplay, as we're told "congratulations," which doesn't make much sense. Then again, if we're allowed to rename our Empires because of this re-launch (when we should have ultimately been allowed to rename our Empires since the beginning), I suppose I can't complain about some odd wording.

Now go forth soldiers, and rename your Empires to something epic!

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Have you been waiting for the ability to rename your Empire in Empires & Allies, or are you fine with its name the way it is? Sound off in the comments.