CityVille goes to the tropics with new Tiki-themed Mystery Crate and decorations


If you're a fan of island living (and who isn't?), you'll likely want to bring a bit of that tropical spirit to your town in CityVille, and luckily you now can! There's an entire Tiki theme that's now available in the game's store, starting with a new Mystery Crate.

The Mystery Crate costs 35 City Cash each, but includes one of four possible items:

  • Kauhuhu Mansion (Home) - 2100-4200 citizens

  • Ploynesian Pool House (Home) - 1600-3200 citizens

  • Tonga Room - earns 999 coins; requires 165 Goods

  • Leilani Volcano (decoration) - 26% bonus to payout

In addition to being in the Mystery Crate, three of the four items are available individually, if you'd rather not take a risk on earning an item you don't want from the crate. The Tonga Room costs 35 City Cash, the Pool House costs 60 City Cash, the Volcano goes for 35 City Cash, and the Mansion doesn't currently seem to be available through any other means.

In terms of other items, there are other decorations to choose from, which are marked as only being available for four more days. Here's what's available:

  • Big Kahuna Bungalow (Home) - 25,000 coins; 200-380 citizens; 188 coins in rent every four hours

  • Tiki Warrior Dancers (Decoration) - 10,000 coins; 4% bonus payout

  • Fiery Tiki Statue (Decoration) - 15 City Cash; 6% bonus payout

  • Bamboo Sidewalk - 100 coins

  • Tiki Torch (Decoration) - 1,000 coins; 1% bonus payout

  • Hot Coal Sidewalk - 100 coins

  • Bamboo Fence (Decoration) - 10,000 coins; 3% bonus payout

  • Hawaiian Luau (Decoration) - 50,000 coins; 10% bonus payout

Again, if you're even remotely interested in purchasing any of these items, you need to do so fast - they'll disappear from the game's store after four days, likely to never be seen again. Even if you just store these items, wouldn't you rather have them waiting for you now, instead of missing out on them entirely? I know I do, so if you'll excuse me - I'm off on a shopping spree!

What do you think of these Tiki-themed items? Are you going to purchase a Tiki Mystery Crate, or do you not like the risk factor associated with the unknown prize you'll receive? Let us know in the comments.