FarmVille for iPhone Update 2.2 is here, and for real this time

FarmVille iPhone
FarmVille iPhone

We swear--check it for yourselves. Zynga has officially released Update 2.2 for its mobile version of FarmVille for iPhone. Just this past Monday, Zynga psyched everyone out on Facebook, posting a reminder for players to update their mobile FarmVille when a new update hadn't been released since May.

Finally, the developer has made good on its request and, surprisingly, the update contains a good amount of new features. Here's the list of changes, according to the App Store:

  • Ability to view Sheep and Pigs you have bred

  • Easier to drive your tractors, harvesters and combines without pop-ups!

  • Added stability to your feed posts, so don't forget to share all that wealth with your Neighbors!

  • Bug fixes

Wait, did Zynga just say fewer pop-ups? Alright, I'm interested. And being able to share more easily is always a plus. However, my brief test with the new version resulted in a failed attempt at sharing some fuel, and a pop-up appeared while plowing. (Though, it was one to share some fuel I found while plowing, which is the exact attempt to share that failed.) Let me double check ... yup, that's exactly what this update was designed to prevent.

FarmVille iPhone Sheep Pen
FarmVille iPhone Sheep Pen

So, your mileage with FarmVille for iPhone version 2.2 might vary. Hey, at least the Sheep Pen and Pig Pen feature are kinda nifty--you can even take the new sheep and pigs out (and put them back in) of the Pens for use. Though, I'm still not sure this changes as much as we'd like.

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Are you satisfied with the changes Zynga has made to FarmVille for iPhone? What other changes do you think need to be made? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.