Have not one, but two Malls in CityVille, thanks to future update

CityVille Second Mall
CityVille Second Mall

We all know that no growing city can do with just one mall. (Seriously, how many malls do you have in your hometown? And those strip malls count, too.) So, of course, Zynga has released a second Mall for CityVille players to enjoy. However, the feature appears to be slowly rolling out to players, as many on the forums have received a promotional notification without the update actually appearing ... though it clearly reads, "Build a second Mall in your City today!"

However, we doubt this will add any sort of new functionality to the game. While it will likely play just like the existing Mall in the game, it sure helps to have room for more businesses to fit in the Mall--things were getting cramped in there. We'll have more details as soon as this feature goes live. Until then, just cross your fingers that at least a texture redesign is in the works.

[Image Credit: mislanders]

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