Game of the Day: City Siege 2

city siege 2 game of the day
In City Siege 2, repel the invading forces from the beach resort. The resort is under siege and as a result, the beach is crawling with armed soldiers.It's up to you to save the civilians and VIPs, and kill all the baddies. But you won't be alone, with vehicles, special forces, and a host of powerful weapons, the invaders don't stand a chance. Get in there and save the resort!

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city siege 2 game of the daycity siege 2 game of the day

Pro Tips:
  • Before engaging an enemy, survey the situation. Explosive barrels and vents can make your job a lot easier.
  • Walk over civilians and VIPs to evacuate them from the battlefield, that way there is no chance of them getting KIA.
  • Bullets curve slightly in City Siege. Aim slightly above what you're aiming at.
  • If you're under fire but behind cover, aim at the enemy, jump, and then shoot. You shouldn't take any damage this way.

Click here to play City Siege 2!

Have any other tips? What did you think of City Siege 2?
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