LeBron James Aims To Score with Energy Strips Vending Machines

Lebron James
Lebron James

The Miami Heat's LeBron James may have lost the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks, but he's still applying a full-court press to the marketing of his new product.

Sheets Energy Strips, which dissolve on the tongue and supply a flavored, calorie-free dose of caffeine and vitamins, will be sold in special Sheets vending machines in malls, stadiums and offices around the country, the company announced Tuesday. The rollout will begin in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.

In addition to offering Sheets four packs ($3), 10 packs ($6) and Sheets hats and T-shirts ($20), the kiosks will feature plasma screens to advertise the latest prominent entry in the get-up-and-go supplement market. Executives called the outlets a "nonhuman retail experience," but expect the machines to attract a whole lot of human beings. "The creation of these machines was a no-brainer," Warren Struhl, the CEO of PureBrands, which owns Sheets, said in a press release.

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James co-founded Sheets -- "the new way to do energy," so the slogan goes -- and introduced the brand in May. He joined in a marketing campaign with an all-star team of partners that includes New York Knick Amar'e Stoudemire and rappers Pitbull and Drake.

As the NBA headed for a possible stoppage of the 2011-12 season, James hasn't been sitting on his portfolio. He also recently acquired a share of the Liverpool soccer team.