FrontierVille Dogless Shepherd Timed Goal Out Now: Everything you need to know


Shirley is a FrontierVille Sheep Herder, on her way west through the Pioneer Trail. Unfortunately, it seems that Shirley has lost her sheepdog, bringing us a new timed goal: the Dogless Shepherd. We brought you a sneak peek of this goal about a week ago, and now know the exact specifics of the required tasks and the rewards. As a refresher, you'll need to help Shirley by completing three tasks:

Clear 30 Grass on a Neighbor's Homestead
Collect 10 Doggy Toys
Collect 10 Doggy Treats

Luckily, 30 grass will likely be easy to find if you just visit the first six friends on your friends list (by scrolling to the far left and visiting neighbors that no longer play), as their land will be overgrown with debris. After you've collected the other 20 items, you'll be able to lay claim to the prizes for this time goal: Chunky Chow x10, 400XP, and 300 coins.

Remember, as this is a timed goal, it comes with some rules. You must start the goal manually by clicking on its icon on the left-hand side of the screen, and you must do so by August 31. From the time you start the goal, you'll have seven days to complete it, or else you'll lose all progress (and your chance at the prizes in the process). Luckily, this goal isn't very hard, and you should have no problems finishing it within seven days if you put even the slightest of effort into the process. Good luck!

What do you think of this newest timed goal? Are you becoming overwhelmed with timed and other goals in FrontierVille, or do you appreciate the constant flow of new content? Sound off in the comments.