FarmVille Beehive now available in the English Countryside

If you've got a lot of Beehives in your FarmVille Gift Box, but don't have anywhere to put them, you'll be happy to know that you can finally put them to good use by placing a Beehive on your land in the English Countryside. It seems as though this ability is on a slow rollout to farmers, as I personally don't have access to this second Beehive, but many players on the game's forums have confirmed that they've purchased one (and an official moderator has all but confirmed its existence). It could also be that we're only allowed to have a single Beehive for both farms, but I simply don't see that being the case.

There's no word yet on how many bees it will take to fill this Beehive, but we can only imagine it will be the same as the original: a Queen Bee and enough worker bees to add up to 200. From then, you'll be able to have these bees pollinate your English Countryside crops, resulting in extra bushels coming your way. Use the bushels for crafting and voila! You'll be rolling in extra goodies before you know it.

If the stipulations change for the English Countryside version of the Beehive, we'll make sure to let you know.

Will you build a second Beehive if given the chance, or will you ignore the quest for 200 more Bees until you have more building materials at the ready? Sound off in the comments.