Bus Driver, George Daw, Fired For Saving 3 Police Officers -- Gets Job Back!


Update: On Aug. 12, AOL Jobs received an e-mail from the Educational Bus Company saying George Daw has been reinstated. After noting that Daw had been officially warned for not having reported the incident, Educational Bus went on to say the following: "Educational Bus Transportation applauds Mr. Daw's instincts to come to the aid of the three Nassau County Police detectives after they were stranded when their unmarked vehicle became partially submerged in a deep puddle during a violent thunderstorm."

Are we really proud of the George Daw precedent?

The New York state bus driver was fired Monday because he "endangered welfare of students he was transporting when he picked up three unauthorized passengers," according to the Educational Bus Company on Long Island. But as transgressive as that statement makes Daw's actions sound, what in fact happened was what would commonly be described as either an act of heroism or at the least a Good Samaritan in action. What Daw did was rescue three police officers who were stranded in a hailstorm on Aug. 1.