Game of the Day: Bed and Breakfast 2

In Bed and Breakfast 2 you'll race against the clock to please your impatient guests. As you earn more money, buy upgrades for your bed and breakfast such as new staff, rooms, decorations, and facilities. But be careful, if your guests get too unhappy, you'll be out of business before you know it. Think carefully about which upgrades to buy so your quaint bed and breakfast can grow into an awesome five-star resort.

Click here to play Bed and Breakfast 2!

Pro Tips:
  • Buy both speed upgrades first. Then buy a chef.
  • When you plan on getting more facilities, (like tennis court, pool, etc) make sure you can buy the facility AND the staff member to run it. If you don't buy the staff member, you won't be fast enough to tend the new facility and your previous duties all at once.
  • Get timings down to be more efficient. Figure out basic timings like how long it takes guests to sleep. That way you know what you're able to accomplish

Click here to play Bed and Breakfast 2!

Have any more pro tips? What did you think of Bed and Breakfast 2?
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