A Visual Spin on July's Jobs Report

Sometimes all you need is a different way of looking at things for the light bulb to go off, an "aha" moment gained by viewing a puzzle from a new angle.

Last week's July jobs report showed 117,000 workers were added to U.S. payrolls, eliciting applause from economists and politicians alike, along with a short-lived bump in the stock market.

But with 13.9 million people still unemployed, we're talking about numbers that are so large they can be overwhelming. For example, what does an unemployment decrease from 9.2. to 9.1 percent really look like?

Some industries gained thousands of jobs, while 23,000 people in Minnesota went without a paycheck because of the state government's shutdown.

A great chart by Visual.ly, a group which aims to put a visual spin on the sometimes-dense data created in our world, compared the job numbers from the last two months and showed us which industries gained and which ones lost. Mining and gas workers were winners, while the self-employed took a hit.

Unquantifiable, of course, are those who are no longer in the job market at all.

Take a gander below:

by visually via

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