launches Table Invites for its popular card games

public service announcement
Attention! We're taking a break from our regular social game programming to bring you a Public Service Announcement!

In addition to this lovely blog that covers all things social games, is also home to thousands of free online games, including some of our very own, very popular card games. This week, we launched a new feature that makes it easier to invite friends to play at your table in these card games.

Here's how it works: Pick one of our card games, such as Gin Rummy, Whist, Canasta, Hearts, Crazy 8's or Super Crazy 8's, and choose to play a 'Single Player' or 'Multiplayer' game.

super crazy 8s beta play

Wait briefly for the game and chat window to launch, then click the big orange 'Invite Friends' button in the chat window. A message that says "Share this link (copy & paste) with a friend and they can join your table! They will need to sign in to join you." will appear.

super crazy 8 invite friends to table

Highlight the URL, then hit 'Control-C' to copy it. Open an AIM window, Twitter message or email, and then hit 'Control-V' to paste the URL into the window and send the link to your friend(s). (If you're using a Mac, hit Command-C to copy the URL and Command-V to paste the URL).

crazy 8 table invite cut and paste to friends

Once your friend clicks on the link, they will be prompted to sign in to (if they aren't signed in already) and will then automatically join your table. Then, let the games begin! After all, there's nothing better than a little friendly competition.

Right now, the Table Invites are available in 12 of our games:
Also, feel free to take a peek at more of's free online card games.

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