FrontierVille: Plant Vanilla Orchid to complete new Vanilla Collection


Earlier today, we brought you a detailed look at the new Baker's Rebound timed goal in FrontierVille, which gives players a chance to unlock a new crop just for finishing the goal in time (in this case within seven days of starting it). The new crop is the Vanilla Orchid, and since it is entirely new, it also comes with a completely new collection.

The Vanilla Collection can be completed by harvesting Vanilla Orchids (obviously), but remember, you can also earn items by having your friends water the crops before they're ready to harvest. You'll need to find at least one of each of the following to finish this one off:

  • Vanilla Extract

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Yogurt

  • Vanilla Shake

  • Vanilla Flan

You won't receive any bonus XP or even coins for finishing this collection, but you will earn a free Makeshift Bakery decorative item for your Homestead. That being the case, I'd put this one in the "redeem once and ignore" category; that is, until (unless) Zynga decides we'll need some of these collectible items for missions at some point in the future (c'mon - it's fairly likely). We'll make sure to let you know if that happens.

Are you the kind of FrontierVille player that needs to finish each collection at least once, or are you happy simply stocking up on items and letting things happen as they will? Sound off in the comments.