FarmVille Vineyard Trees: Lucques Olive and Picholine Olive Tree


I'll admit it: when Zynga first launched the Vineyard limited edition item theme in FarmVille, I didn't think it would be around for this long. Yet, here we are going into another week of updates for the theme, starting with a new pair of trees - olive trees, to be exact.

Yet again, Zynga has chosen to stick with the 5/15 Farm Cash prices for these two trees as the Lucques Olive Tree costs 5 Farm Cash and the Picholine Olive Tree costs 15 Farm Cash. Remember though - there's no reason to get upset about this higher cost of the Picholine Olive Tree, as it's the level two tree in this equation, available for free through a variety of methods: either claiming one as a Mystery Seedling posted by your friends, claiming a full-grown tree (also posted by friends), or by randomly receiving a Mystery Seedling from harvesting your own Orchards that happen to contain the Lucques Olive Trees.

Whatever method you decide to rely on, you'll have the next two weeks to make a decision as to whether or not to purchase the Lucques Olive Tree. Even if you decide to pass on the second, five Farm Cash is a low price to pay for (ultimately) two trees, right?

What do you think of these new Vineyard Olive Trees? Are you upset that the cost of recent level two trees has increased from 10 to 15 Farm Cash? Sound off in the comments.