FarmVille Vineyard Buildings: Lavender Cottage, Cheese Store and more


We normally only see two buildings released in every FarmVille update, but tonight we've been give three. Don't get too excited though - all three go for Farm Cash. Before we get into the discussion of whether or not this is fair, let's first take a look at the items themselves.

The first, and least expensive, is the Cheese Store at 20 Farm Cash. From there, there's a Lavender Cottage that will set you back 25 Farm Cash, and finally, the Vineyard Chateau is a substantial building that costs 30 Farm Cash to add to your farm. As for the prices, it will of course be up to you to decide whether or not one or all three of the buildings are worth their high price-tags, but I definitely am disappointed to not see a building marked for coins in this release.

In past circumstances, we've seen a system of "one for Farm Cash and one for coins," but as that seems to have disappeared, my only advice for the future would be to stock up on plenty of Farm Cash before every Wednesday and Sunday, just in case something exciting launches on those days. For these two, you'll have two weeks to decide whether they really are that "exciting."

So what do you think? Are any of these three buildings worth the Farm Cash purchase prices? Are they worth more than what you're paying? Would you buy them for coins if given the opportunity? Sound off in the comments.