FarmVille Raffle Booth (8/9/11): Summer House and Lily Pond up for grabs


Last week, Zynga released the FarmVilleRaffle Booth, giving players a chance to walk away with some pretty cool new items, along with some handy tools that we can never have enough of. The same thing can be said today, as the lineup of prizes available in the Raffle Booth has changed. Over the next six days, you'll need to work with your friends to earn as many raffle tickets as possible (remember, sending a friend a ticket gives you one as well), to have the best chance of winning one of the following prizes:

  • Summer House

  • Lily Pond

  • Bottle

  • Farmhands

  • Special Delivery

Of course, not all of these items are available as readily as the others, as the Summer House and Lily Pond are the rarest, and the Special Deliveries (which are constantly available to send for free) are among the most common. Still, there's the thirll of the unknown here with the Raffle Booth, along with the knowledge that you don't have to shell out Farm Cash to potentially earn these items (unlike in the Mystery Game) that'll keep me playing week after week. I hope you'll do the same (and send me some tickets! I'll return the favor! I promise!).

[Via FarmVille Freak]

Are you looking forward to potentially earning a Summer House or Lily Pond in FarmVille, or are you all about the extra bottles for Sheep or Pig Breeding? Sound off in the comments.