FarmVille Mystery Game (08/08/11): Purple items reward you with a Snow Stallion


Here's an interesting combination: for the third week in a row, Zynga has decided to add a bonus item to the FarmVille Mystery Game, giving users a chance to receive a special item for free if they first win all six of the items regularly available in the game. But, in our case, this particular prize doesn't really match the others.

As it stands, this week's Mystery Game costs 18 Farm Cash to play, and will grant you a chance at a purple-themed decoration or animal. Here are the six prizes available:

Lavender Bridge
Lavender Butterflies
Lavender Fountain
Lavender Garden
Mini Purple Horse
Purple Stallion

Again, if you win all six of these items (even if it takes you every balloon on the dart board to do), you'll be able walk away with the free Snow Stallion as a prize. This Snow Stallion has been released before (along with other items like the Purple Stallion), so make sure to keep that in mind before throwing dozens of Farm Cash at the board.

If you do decide to take a chance at this week's game, even if the Snow Stallion isn't your motivating factor, just be sure to do so within the next week, as the game will reset then, taking your chance at these purple items (and the Snow Stallion) with it.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Will you play this week's FarmVille Mystery Game? Which of the purple items are you most hoping to walk away with? Will you try your luck at winning all six for the Snow Stallion? Sound off in the comments.