FarmVille PSA: No, the mobile version didn't update


If you're like me, you probably wait for FarmVille iOS updates pretty anxiously, as the game's mobile versions (for both iPhone and iPad) have plenty of problems that we'd like to see fixed. That being the case, I was pretty excited when I saw Zynga announcing that a 2.1 update was launched for the mobile version of the game. The update posted by the developer on the game's many Facebook fan pages makes it seem as though this 2.1 update is new, but don't rush off to the iTunes App Store just yet. Update 2.1? Yeah, it launched back in May.

While Zynga has always been behind on posting updates to the FarmVille game pages, this particular instance can actually waste a lot of users' times. It's difficult to remember what the version number of all of our apps are, so if you're like me, you might take the time to search out this new update for the app, when it doesn't exist. Sure, FarmVille 2.1 was released in the past, but don't waste your time in searching for a new update; your game is fine just the way it is.

As usual, should the game actually update, we'll make sure to let you know, on top of giving you a complete rundown on whether or not its worth updating or waiting until later. Who knows? Maybe the next real update will give us faster gameplay? A girl can hope, can't she?

Did you go to iTunes looking for a new FarmVille iOS update, or did you realize that this was just a late announcement beforehand? Sound off in the comments.