David Cameron Goes Incognito Over Coffee With Wife Samantha On Tuscan Holiday (UPDATE)

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UPDATE, 8/8: David Cameron has returned to the now-famous cafe, and this time, left a big tip.

Francesa Ariana, perhaps Montevarchi's most famous waitress, told the Daily Telegraph that the prime minister returned to the cafe on Sunday with his daughter and ordered a beer and a soft drink. Ariana also noted that Cameron, who posed for pictures with her, left a generous tip this time.

"He came back to look for me. It was such a nice surprise for me to see him," she said. "He knew I had made a mistake and he wanted to tell me not to worry because I did not recognize him. I never imagined he would come back. He is really lovely."

Previously: David Cameron, on a two-week holiday with his family in Tuscany, was forced to schlep his own cappuccino to his table on Sunday when a busy barista gave the head of state the brush off.

Francesa Ariana, the barmaid at Dolcenegro who served Cameron and his wife Samantha, told local papers that she didn't know who they were.

Ariana was swamped with customers on Sunday when Cameron ordered two cappuccinos and a coffee, the Associated Press reports.

After Ariani told England's most powerful man to carry his beverages to his table, Cameron didn't leave a tip, which is very normal and even customary in Europe.

The waitress, seemingly mortified that she did not recognize Cameron, told reporters that the lack of tip was "fair enough...but still he could have left the odd coins," Sky News reports.

Ariana added, "I'm so embarrassed. I didn't know it was the British Prime Minister. I'm so sorry if I appeared rude--I didn't mean to be, it's just that I was on my own and really busy."

The Camerons are on holiday at a 300-year-old, 10,000 pound-per-week villa with two other families. According to the Daily Mail, the home is a 15-bedroom home on the Petrolo wine estate near Bucine, that comes equipped with a private garden, swimming pool, billiards room and tennis court. The home is a favorite of chef Jamie Oliver.

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